Gulf Petrochem has an active trading desk that offers supply of gasoil, jet fuel, gasoline and naphtha globally. We source our products directly from major refineries and traders across the globe with prudent management of credit risk, market risk and forex risk.

Gasoil and Jet Fuel

Gulf Petrochem has been a major player in the United Arab Emirates inland gasoil market with the establishment of our terminal in Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah. In addition to this, we have expanded to supplying gasoil and jet fuel to neighbouring countries, Indian Sub-continent and East Africa using our storage facilities as well as trading positions. 

We are in the gasoil and jet fuel markets not only for local demand and supply but we are active as well on the arbitrage business to the Mediterranean and Northwest Europe (NEW) with lengths coming from all major refiners in the Middle East. We are now actively involved in the European gasoil market as well with presence in the UK and NWE. 

Our gasoil and jet fuel footprint have been expanding quite rapidly with rapid growth in volumes now exceeding a 1.5 million tonnes per annum. 

Gasoline and Naphtha

Gulf Petrochem has recently started trading in gasoline and naphtha with production of blend components coming from our refinery in Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah. We are currently trading 60,000 metric tonnes of naphtha and gasoline blend components annually, we foresee that this trading desk is likely to see major growth in the coming years.