Bitumen Manufacturing

At Bitumen Division, Gulf Petrochem focuses on manufacturing, storing and the international supply of bitumen and bituminous products from its terminal at Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah, UAE.

It has two 3000MT bulk storage tanks for storing and distributing bitumen. The tankage is very near to the jetty along the main harbour. All penetration grade bitumen can be supplied in bulk vessel, road tankers and in new or reconditioned drums. Gulf Petrochem also supplies viscosity grade bitumen road binders, tack coats, primer and emulsions for the roads construction industry are produced by the company to meet global standards.

The group is backed by team of professionals, implementing extensive quality control systems.

  • Asphalt (Various Bitumen Products)
  • Penetration Grades
    • 30/40
    • 40/50
    • 60/70
    • 80/100 [ASTM D 946-82]
  • Viscosity Grades
    • VG 10, 20, 30, 40
  • Emulsified Asphalts
    • Anionic & Cationic
    • RS-1, RS-2, MS-1, MS-2
    • SS-1, SS1-H [ASTM D 977-98]
    • CRS-1, CRS-2, CM, CSS-2 [ASTM D 2397-98 and IS:8887]

Gulf Petrochem is proud of its in-house capability to deliver quality products at competitive costs because of its own engineering fabrication and technical overseeing group. The company is constantly expanding its technological base, with recent addition of latest equipment to bring its laboratory to global standards. It adopted a comprehensive service model parallel to its manufacturing activity, meeting the requirements of the bitumen industry.

To help increase Gulf Petrochem's product portfolio with petroleum products that it can market and deliver through its storage, shipping, manufacturing and terminal businesses. The Group recently acquired by way of direct purchase the Specialties Bitumen plant of Royal Dutch Shell at Savli, near Vadodara in Gujarat, India.

The acquisition complements the construction of a high capacity storage terminal for various petroleum products including Bitumen at Pipavav in Gujarat and meet the ever increasing demand for Bitumen Specialty products in West and North India. This High Technology will also supplement the Bitumen business of company from various terminals and depot in India. 

Gulf Petrochem is today importing and supplying Bulk Bitumen from Mundra (Gujarat), Karwar (Karnataka), Haldia (West Bengal) and Kahipur (Uttaranchal). It also imports and supplies Packed Bitumen from its various depots at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Patna, Kashipur, Kosi Kalan (UP) and Kashipur (Uttaranchal).

Location:Sharjah, UAE
Capacity:36,000 MT p.a.
Feedstock:Bitumen, Kerosene
Output:Cutbacks and Emulsions
Established:Acquired in 2014
Location:Savli, Gujarat, India
Capacity:30,000 MT p.a.
Feedstock:Bitumen, Kerosene
Output:Cutbacks and Emulsions

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