Hamriyah Terminal

Hamriyah Port

The port is internationally recognized and has become symbolic to the development of the Emirate of Sharjah and the UAE. The port has a draft of 12m, which can accommodate vessel with parcel size of 40,000 DWT. 


  • Easy access linking all seven Emirates and providing connections to neighboring Gulf states closer to the Straits of Hormuz than other Southern Emirates ports.
  • A few miles away from the city of Sharjah and the Industrial areas. 

The new terminal of Gulf Petrochem at Hamriyah Freezone is built with state-of-the-art specifications, complying to international safety and operational standards. It can handle full spectrum of petroleum products such as Naphtha, Crude Oil, Gasoil, MTBE, Condensate, Fuel Oil, Kerosene, Base Oil, Veg Oil and Bitumen as well as Petrochemicals. 

Gulf Petrochem's new terminal has a total of 37 tanks with capacities ranging from 1700 to 11,200 cbm adding a total of 204,000 cbm, with separate pipelines to the berth for white and black products. 

Features & Benefits

  • Fixed cone roof with IFR for Class A products
  • Heating (thermic fluid) and mixing / blending (jet nozzle) systems
  • Truck loading / discharge bays
  • Flexi loading / unloading and drumming
  • Piggable lines and SS dockline for petrochemical products

It is equipped with 2 weighbridges for weighing road tankers for inward and outward movement of goods by surface transport.

Safety practices are an integral part of the way the operations are run at this facility. The storage facility also has the capability to handle high pour point products such as bitumen and rubber process oil that require heating and insulated storage and piping.

For enquiries please contact: terminalmktg@gulfpetrochem.com